Improving therapies for brain tumor patients

We are an interdisciplinary group of physicians and scientists at all stages of their careers with this common goal. We believe in collaboration with a patient-based interest as the best strategy for contributing to the field of neuro-oncology.

Promoting the highest professional and scientific standards

We work to create a dynamic and constructive environment where scientific critical thinking is welcomed from within the lab, and from colleagues from the scientific community. We strive to integrate this critical thinking into our routine to produce the best possible science.

Fostering Career Development

We believe in mentorship, recognition of talent, work and intellectual contribution at every level and for everyone. We believe in diversity as a source of strength of our group. We welcome hard working and ambitious individuals and work to provide them with career development opportunities. We are always looking for the right person.

Promoting the highest ethical standards for humane and compassionate human and animal-based research

We believe in respecting the rights of our research subjects, and are thankful for the opportunity that these provide for doing our work.